Potato dumplings (Polish recipe)
This easy traditional Polish dish is a fun alternative to pasta or potatoes. Enjoy with your favourite sauce or with a bit of olive oil and herbs
Roasted root vegetable soup
This quick and easy vegan soup is the perfect dish for chilly autumn evenings
Egg spinach quinoa breakfast
Sugar and gluten free healthy breakfast idea, full of protein and green veggie goodness
Easy tuna bake,butternut squash
This quick and tasty mid week dinner idea is low in fat, nutritious and easy to make
Chicken and redcurrant gravy
Serve this lightly grilled chicken on a bed of arugula and beans and pour a generous amount of the tangy gravy
Breakfast plum crumbel
This is a healthy vegan recipe made with wholemeal flour and very little sugar.
Cauliflower cheese patties
Cauliflower cheese with a twist! These healthy cauliflower patties are the perfect replacement for potatoes, rice or even salad!
Salmon amaranth burgers with radish
These burgers are nutritious, succulent and easy to make – perfect on a hot day when you’d rather spend time in the garden than in the kitchen
Cured red cabbage and pear salad
This vegan salad made with lightly cured red cabbage does not get soggy so you can enjoy leftovers later!
Pomegranate and dill coleslaw
This vegan citrusy coleslaw is light and nutritious and takes minutes to put together.
Amaranth and chicken burgers
These burgers and light, tasty and packed full of goodness!
Baked sweet potato,spinch and feta
The lightly baked tangy mixture of fresh spinach and sharp feta really brings out the caramel sweetness of the sweet potato in this recipe.
Raspberry and oat cookies
These soft, fragrant cookies are so low in sugar and fat they can be eaten as part of a healthy breakfast. They contain healthy oats and raspberries as well as flaxseed, which is full of beneficial fibre.
Blueberry pancakes with quark
This healthy pancake recipe contains no added sugar, is very low in fat and uses wheatgerm, which is rich in folic acid and Vitamin E.