Mousse cheesecake with berries recipe (in Spanish with tranlator)
Do you love Nutella? Make this cake
try this soft, sweet and special bun and enjoy them (in Spanish with translator on side bar)
lemon bars, sweet&sour (in Spanish with translator)
Home made pasta with truffles sauce. Video recipe (in Spanish with translator)
Roscón de reyes (kings’ ring) is a Spanish and Latin American cake traditionally eaten to celebrate Epiphany. (In Spanish)
Traditional spanish Christmas soup
ginger and cinnamon bundt for Christmas (in Spanish with translator)
watercress salad with arbutus, blueberries and portobellos
Chocolate depression cake for Xmas
traditional pecan pie for THK
Marbre flower cake
White chocolate and raspberries cake. Very Easy. In Sapanish with translator
A soft cake with cherries and pine nuts
Soft and cremy vegetables cream. Delicious. In Spanish with translator
tagliattelle with tomate like a dessert Don’t miss it!
A withe sourdough bread …
simply delicious… image your own frosting!
a typical Spanish pastries… try it!
This special cake for Easter… marzipan and a fruit sponge cake… just try it… (in Spanish with translator on sidebar)
a new way to preparing pumpkin, enjoy this sweet bite with a soft cheese dressing
a wet chocolate sponge cake includign guinness in dough, delcicious frosting with mascarpone cheese very creamy and soft… celebrate with us St. Patrick´s day
French baguette, lettuce, tomato, cheese, ham and bacon… just enjoy!
a step by step to make Baguettes at home… irresistible! (in spanish with translator on sidebar)
Frozen truffles chocolate and olive oil with salt, apple sticks and red pepper jelly, raspberry, apple cider vinegar
a spicy and sweet Greek bread… a very special taste. Do it in Easter and enjoy brading your bread. In Spanish with traslator on sidebar
a delicious way to eat pur chocolate (in spanish with translator on sidebar)
direct from big apple!! (in spanish with translator on sidebar)