Cheese flan
Delicious cream cheese with condensed milk
Chocarafe cake
A sweet cake, chocolate, coffee and toffee
Butter cookies to decorate
A cookie dough that does not deform when cooking
Fried meatball Arabic with bulgur and beef
Brooms cheese
A easy snack!
Nutella cookie 4 ingredient
Easy cookie, only four ingredients
Alfajores dulce de leche
Argentinian cookies with walnut and dulce de leche
Superhero Jello cup
Four colors gelatin, as a rainbow!!
Homemade molasses
Hand made Molasse or golden syrup, only sugar and water
Focaccia milano bread
A soft bread with potatoes and beer
Strawberry and aceto ice cream
Delicious ice cream with strawberry and italian vinegar
Carpone - Caramel cup
Dulce de leche and mascarpone cup with berries.
Oreo cheesecake clafoutis
White chocolate, cheese, oreo and cherry pie. A gourmet recipe.
Japanese cheesecake
Delicious cheesecake, a curious recipe
Watermelon popsicle
Popsicle, easy pure fruit, with watermelon
Puff pastry forms
How to – puff pastry forms
Cronut - dough ready
With list for croissant dough, fabulous cronuts
Ancient brownie
The Brownie, a antique recipe
Dulce de leche ice crean
Only two ingredients for Dulce de leche – Toffee ice cream
Eclairs - Choux pastry
Perfect recipe Choux pastry .
Gelatin from Jellies
From jellies, gelatins can do both like our children, with the color and favorite flavor
Microwave toffee
Candy toffee in 3 minutes!
Invisible apple pie
Crustless apple pie, very thin apples.
Djokovic Cake Gluten Free
hazelnuts cake, gluten free, delicious!
cake insatiable nun
Cake insatiable nun, chocolate syrup soaked
Chocolate cigarettes
A fine cigarette with chocolate – Photo and video recipe
Canned tomato jam
A can tomato + a can sugar = tomato jam
Prune cake
Special cake wtih prune and spices, soft and incredible
Seven Veils Cake
Italian cake Setteveli, chocolate and hazelnut
Easter chocolate egg
White chocolate easter egg, cheese and mouse
Sweet bread easter
From Spain a sweet orange and cinnamon bread
Pudding Poke Cake
Delicious all-bought cake !
Marshmallow home made wirhout white egg
Spanish dougnuts
Easter Donuts
Chocolate maig cake
A shake, a pie filling
Devil\'s Donuts
Chocolate cake donuts, with glaze
Hamburger buns
Delicious homemade bread for burgers
Marmelade cupcake
Cupcake jam with without sugar
Quick croquette
croquettes without precooking