Colaciones cordobesas
Argentiian cookies with dulce de leche
Roscon with brioche dough
Negrito brownie
Easy and gluten free soft brownie
Cheese flan
Delicious cream cheese with condensed milk
Chocarafe cake
A sweet cake, chocolate, coffee and toffee
Butter cookies to decorate
A cookie dough that does not deform when cooking
Fried meatball Arabic with bulgur and beef
Brooms cheese
A easy snack!
Nutella cookie 4 ingredient
Easy cookie, only four ingredients
Alfajores dulce de leche
Argentinian cookies with walnut and dulce de leche
Superhero Jello cup
Four colors gelatin, as a rainbow!!
Homemade molasses
Hand made Molasse or golden syrup, only sugar and water
Focaccia milano bread
A soft bread with potatoes and beer
Strawberry and aceto ice cream
Delicious ice cream with strawberry and italian vinegar
Carpone - Caramel cup
Dulce de leche and mascarpone cup with berries.
Oreo cheesecake clafoutis
White chocolate, cheese, oreo and cherry pie. A gourmet recipe.
Japanese cheesecake
Delicious cheesecake, a curious recipe
Watermelon popsicle
Popsicle, easy pure fruit, with watermelon
Puff pastry forms
How to – puff pastry forms
Cronut - dough ready
With list for croissant dough, fabulous cronuts
Ancient brownie
The Brownie, a antique recipe
Dulce de leche ice crean
Only two ingredients for Dulce de leche – Toffee ice cream
Eclairs - Choux pastry
Perfect recipe Choux pastry .
Gelatin from Jellies
From jellies, gelatins can do both like our children, with the color and favorite flavor
Microwave toffee
Candy toffee in 3 minutes!
Invisible apple pie
Crustless apple pie, very thin apples.
Djokovic Cake Gluten Free
hazelnuts cake, gluten free, delicious!
cake insatiable nun
Cake insatiable nun, chocolate syrup soaked