Irish bread
A delicious cake with nuts
Pork roll
Cake with poppy and cream cheese
Cake with candied fruit
Fluffy donuts
Homemade chocolate with hazelnuts
Chicken filled with mushrooms and couscous
Cake with chocolate and hazelnuts
Appetizer cake
Hearts with cream and blackberry jam
Lamington cake
Chicken salad with celery
Chocolate cake with walnuts cream
Quiche with chicken and green
Cheesecake with orange
Served warm with butter for breakfast or a simple coffee, are super tasty!
An easy recipe … for a successful dinner!
This fruit cake is quite easy to be served after dinner or simply as a treat.
Raffaello candies
Simple, easy and only good out of the mess when you want something good.
A sweet-sour gasket that fits perfectly with caramelized pork ribs or any meat!
Turkey trotters
A quick cake, made ​​from cold.
With a creamy chocolate coating and a sweet-sour cream, strongly flavored, this wonderful cake, has delighted the taste buds on the first day of Christmas!