A tasty and easy to prepare dish!
So simple to do, but so good!
Fried cauliflower
A recipe known and highly appreciated, now slightly different and more delicious!
Delicious apple flavored with ginger and lemon.
No meal without fish!
A delight full of refinement.
A wonderful cake, crumbly, with fruit and chocolate
Strawberry ice cream
The easiest dessert in the world!
Quiche with Brie cheese and leeks
Strawberry tart with vanilla cream
Tart with whipped cream & chocolate
Faster than that can not
Chocolate ice cream with walnuts
Cake with strawberry and coconut
An ultra fast and mega delicious dessert!
Meringue roulade with mascarpone cream
Caramel ice cream
Spinach with meat
Yogurt and raisin pie
Flavored cake with fruit and chocolate
pancakes with mushrooms and rosemary
Beef tongue with olives
Traditional cake for Easter
Wafer sheets with nuts