Cake with yogurt
Pizza Calzone
A refreshing dessert and super easy to do!
A cookie flavored and fluffy
A savory combination of fresh vegetables, eggs and greens!
A healthy meal containing fresh ingredients and flavorful, quick to prepare and delicious to the max!
OREO cookies
Easy to prepare, this cake appetizer is served cold, morning breakfast or dinners at various occasions!
Chocolate cake with candied fruit
A delicious mix of tuna, onions and greens!
Muffins with chocolate and pumpkin
One of the most delicious specialties of Indian cuisine!
It is said that Basmati rice is considered the best! The beans are flavored and not stick. Here, scented with anise and cardamom becomes more palatable!
Spice “garam masala” is used in Indian cuisine to flavor roasts, venison, burgers, pickles and some desserts.
Chocolate cake with yoghurt cream
Tart with figs and almonds
A delicious soup made ​​easy!
Macaroons with nuts
Cake with apples, nuts and raisins
A simple recipe, healthy and very tasty!
Cake with chocolate and mascarpone cream
Cream cake with marzipan and peach
Braided bread
Chocolate cake with nuts and candied fruit
Muffins with chocolate and candied fruit
The oldest cake in the world and world famous!
These delicious cookies with crunchy coating, can be eaten hot or cold, with a glass of milk or coffee flavored!
A delicious paella