Crunchy Chocolate Cookies (in Romanian)
A delicious tart with pastry and filled with cherry flavored!(in Romanian)
Cake with ricotta and walnuts
Appetizer with tomatoes and oregano in Romanian)
Mini eclairs (in Romanian)
Easy to do and irresistible (in Romanian)
Snacks delicious and easy to prepare! (in Romanian)
Smooth chocolate cream are complemented by crisp sheets full of nuts! (in Romanian)
Appetizer with salmon pate (in Romanian)
Pancakes with Smoked Salmon(in Romanian)
Perfect dessert! Easy to prepare and no oven! (in Romanian)
Fluffy and full of nut flavors! (in Romanian)
The earliest and finest Madlene. (in Romanian)
Delicious this food! Family favorite. (in Romanian)
Fluffy buns(in Romanian)
Chocolate and orange cake (in Romanian)
Delicious pies with cabbage(in Romanian)
cake Amandina (in Romanian)
Chocolate cake with cream milk
Chicken with coconut milk and curry
Tart with apple and camembert cheese (Romanian)
As simple as it is delicious!
Tart with berries and yogurt cream
Fluffy, aromatic and full of cherries!
Cake with cherries (in Romanian)
Cherry Jam (in Romanian)
Cherry jam (in Romanian)
Apple tart with plum jam