The simplest baked cheesecake with the topiing of your chioce – sourcherries suace in my case.
Moroccan couscous with chickpeas, cranberries and warm spices.
Pear and hazelnut cake, with a little bit of chocolate
A classica and very much loved Romanian spread, made from eggplants and homemade mayonnaise
Homemade condensed milk made with only 3 ingredients, perfect for making egg-free icecream
Homemade sour cherry strudel
A whole meal in a salad
Dark chocolate mousse (2 ingredients) with balsamic cherry sauce
Homemade, simple and delicious strawberry jam and syrup
Good to have on hand for a quick snack
Mary Berry’s “Farmhouse brown seeded loaf” – a delicious and healthy bread.
Chickpea salad with cucumber and olives
An explosion of aroma – orange, ginger and cinnamon
White chocolate and apricot cheesecake, with no baking!
Peanut butter muffins made healthier by using whoe wheat.
A delicious jam that one must have on the pantry’s shelves
A clasic lemon tart, recipe from Mary Berry’s “Baking Bible”
A delicious and simple cake with walnuts and apples
Traditional Transylvanian flatbread filled with cheese
Cheesecake + little bit of chocolate = perfection
An eggless version of the classic mousse au chocolat.
A healthy homemade apple sauce, that can be used in deserts or can be a side dish for meat.
Drop scones or scottish pancakes – a recipe by one of my favourite cooks – Mary Berry