Baby mangoes in brine pickle
Triangular shaped pastry shells stuffed with potato and corn
Yummy Potatoes stir fried with spices
Simple and delicious one pot meal!
If you freak out on chocolate and coffee then this one is for you.. that too it’s eggless!
The perfect dip for sandwiches bursting with the flavors of mint andd cilantro!
Perfect snack for a lazy weekend…puffed rice with chopped raw vegetables and spices!
Combination of sesame seeds, lentils and red chillies…a fiery condiment
Healthy and delicious pulav/ pilaf made with the perfect blend of vegetables, mint and aromatic spices!
The perfect eggless chocolate walnut banana bread!
Tender and crunchy green beans tempered and stir fried and flavored with freshly grated coconut
Flattened rice flakes with fried onions…perfect breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee…simply delectable!
A refreshing and healthy drink..perfect to beat the heat!
Call it butter beans or double beans or lima beans.. a delicious accompaniement to bread or steamed rice!
A wonderful drink combining the goodness of mango and strawberries!
Combination of five lentils…a tasty and nutritious meal!
Chocolate layers filled and frosted with chocolate ganache, a chocolate truffle filling.