Unripe Figs and Potato Fry
Brahmi Leaves & Lentil Curry / Soup
Mudakathan Keerai / Balloon Vine Leaves Dosa, an indian style herbal green leaf pancakes
Pavakkai Puli Kuzhambu / Bitter Gourd & Peanut Curry, a healthy vegan style curry preparation
Cabbage Brown Rice Pilaf / Pulao, a healthy one pot meal
Salem Style Fish Curry, a spicy and tangy curry based on tamarind and coconut
Egg & Crab Meat Bhurji / Stir-Fry
Vegetable & Barley Pilaf, healthy one pot meal
Spicy Baby Potato & Mint Fry
Brahmi Leaves / Indian Pennywort Curry, a herbal green leaf preparation which enhances brain functions
Potato & Green Gram Sprouts Sandwich
Chicken & Oats Porridge / Gruel
Ragi & Jaggery Pudding, a traditional south-indian dessert, one of the special recipe of my grandma
Simple Chicken Fry which requires only salt, turmeric powder and red chillies to create magic
Radish Raita / Chutney, a perfect side-dish for steamed rice or any indian bread variety
Bajra Rice / Pearl Millet Rice, a healthy and nutritious rice (helps to control blood sugar and lowers cholesterol)
How to Prepare Health Mix Powder & porridge from scratch
Radish Chutney, a perfect side-dish for steamed rice and can come upto 3 days if refrigerated
Uppu Sambar / Green Gram Dal, a very light and healthy soup which creates magic with salt
How to prepare Chicken Masala Powder (or) Curry Powder, a complete vegan preparation which can be even used to prepare Veg Curries
Baby Corn & Mint Pulao, easy lunch box recipes and also vegan
Chettinadu Style Spicy Crab Legs Soup, a best way to get rid of cold and flu
Poha Upma (Flattened Rice Upma), flavoured with cumin and pepper powder. A pure vegan recipe which can be made in less than 10 mins
Black Peppercorn curry, a pure vegan curry which can stored for a week
Peas, Carrot & Beans Stir-fry – Simple Lunch Recipes, which can be made in less than 10 mins
Yellow Mustard Egg Curry – without Tomato & Coconut
Rawalpindi Chickpeas Masala, a dry preparation which goes well with Naan or any indian bread variety
Sesame Seeds & Tamarind Rice – Easy Lunch Box Recipes