Courgette Cake.
Eat this cake for breakfast (or any time) and feel no guilt – this courgette cake has veggies, whole grains and a secret ingredient to really shine.
Blueberry Aigre-Doux.
If you can’t eat another blueberry, and are so over jam and jelly, try making this sweet-sour aigre-doux preserve to stock up for winter.
Elderflower liqueur.
Elderflower liqueur takes demure elderflowers and gives them a vodka kick, for a do-it-yourself St. Germain.
Garlic Confit.
A leisurely bath in warm olive oil, herbs and chile makes garlic soft, creamy and buttery. Perfect for spreading on toast or mixing in with anything t
Gooseberry Ices: Sherbet & Sorbet.
Try the deliciously tart and under-appreciated gooseberry in sorbet or sherbet – a unique, refreshing and cooling summer treat!
Homemade Elderflower Champagne
Homemade Elderflower Champagne from foraged elderflowers and stuff you already have in your kitchen – fantastically bubbly and delicious!
Pickled Eggs and Beetroot.
Shockingly pink pickled eggs are a tangy, puckery bar treat made upmarket with a pop of fun color.
Elderflower and Lime Cordial.
Elderflower and lime make a floral, musky flavored syrup for drinking summer all year round.
Grilled garlic scape pesto.
Grilled garlic scapes, olives and English walnuts make a truly seasonal vegan pesto with deep garlic flavor and a bit of heat.
How to freeze strawberries
The best way to freeze strawberries, and your new secret weapon to make it fast and easy!
Strawberry jam with added pectin.
Unpretentious strawberry jam. Wibbly-wobbly set. Just perfect slathered on toast. Summer in a jar.
Dehydrated Strawberries.
Dehydrating strawberries is a fast and versatile option for preserving summer’s bounty – great for baking and snacking all year round.
Strawberry and Red Wine Jam.
An entire bottle of red wine makes this strawberry jam very grown-up and sophisticated – perfect for adding a special accent.
Devilled Heart of Lamb.
Ditch the flowers and chocolates and celebrate Valentine’s Day with piquant and meltingly tender Devilled Heart instead.
Pork Tenderloin with Apple, Apricot and Pink Peppercorn Stuffing.
Pink peppercorn, apple and apricot make a tangy, sweet and zippy stuffing for a roast pork tenderloin.
Sloe gin fizz with homemade sloe gin.
Hand foraged sloes make a remarkably fresh sloe gin with deep berry and pine flavor.
Wine-Poached Peach and Almond Tart
A rustic and very satisfying tart of dried peaches, plumped with wine, and almond cream.
Halibut Fish Cakes with Bloody Mary Sauce
Leftover fish has never been so exciting – Bloody Mary Sauce with Bacon Vodka makes these fish cakes spectacular.
Celeriac, Caper and Pickled Red Onion Salad
A cleansing salad that’s perfectly crisp and refreshing, with celeriac, capers and quick-pickled red onions.
Creamy, tangy Lime Curd.
Smooth and luscious, homemade lime curd is a versatile and luxurious way to capture citrus tang.
Cornish Saffron Cakes
Cornish Saffron Cakes – British drop scones with apricots and currants – are both sweet and savory thanks to the elusive note of saffron. Perfect with jam or cheese!