Homemade calzones with creamy ricotta cheese and perfectly baked dough.
Jolly Ranchers + Vodka = The Best Drink Ever!
Cheesy enchiladas stuffed with corn and black beans. Topped with the perfect enchilada sauce.
The perfect breakfast for summertime. Light, fluffy, and oozing with honey. Cinnamon Honey Peach Waffles.
Armenian pastries – delicious little treats with a funny name. Nazook!
Indulge in this refreshing and bright summer sangria
Miso soup with lots of veggies and tofu. Very healthy and very addicting.
My first green smoothie and my first giveaway. Turns out, green smoothies aren’t just for health-nuts.
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Plum margaritas. Delicious and refreshing.
How to make fresh pasta without special ingredients and with lots of tips for your first time.
The best breakfast ever (and you don’t have to get up early to make it)!
Heart-shaped sushi. Fun to make and special for anyone you love.
Blackened Spicy Tilapia. A fish recipe that’s as delicious as it is easy.
Georgian Khachapuri. Otherwise known as cheese muffins, the best comfort food ever.
A delicious tea and milk drink, but with a vanilla twist. Alcoholic version included for added relaxation.
Asiago Bagels. Perfectly chewy bagels that are simple and fun to make.
Baked Arancini. A couple of twists on these Italian rice and cheese balls makes them healthier for New Year’s.
Whole Wheat Pizza Crust. Delicious pizza without breaking your New Year’s resolution.
Mike’s Hard Lemonade is used to make this beautiful and simple cocktail.
Skittles Vodka Party Favors. Mini Bottles with filled with tasty and colorful alcohol? Absolut-ely!
Tomato Gorgonzola Soup. The perfect creamy soup to pair with a glass of red wine on a cold night.
A simple focaccia recipe using 5 basic ingredients along with two interesting variations. It’s easy to make your favorite bread at home!
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A guide for making any kind of sushi broken down by step with helpful links.
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Whole Wheat Breadsticks. Breadsticks that are strong enough for a chunky soup, but soft enough to soak up creamy soup.