Sponge cake with delicious lemon flavor (in Spanish, with translator)
Delicious almond pastries with only three ingredients.
Orange cake with poppy seeds
Juicy brownies with salted caramel and marshmallow
Vegetables curry cream
Sevillian Buns, a special bread
Orange and chocolate focaccia. Lactose free
Orange curd mini pies
Cornmeal cookies, delicious with tea or coffee in the afternoon. Gluten free. Recipe in Spanish
Prepared Oranges, a simple and delicious dessert (in Spanish, translator)
Valencia’s typical sweet potato pastries
Salad with Pomegranate, blue cheese and walnuts
Delicious sea flavour kibbles
Typical panetonne, lactose free
Homemade polvoron without nuts
Homemade quince jelly, easy recipe for a natural delight
Sliced bread without milk
Pumpkin and chocolate baklava
A traditional and delicious way of eating salted cod. You’ll love it!
Marinated salmon as we always do at home … it disappears as soon as it is ready to eat
Homemade ciabattas
A Dulce de Leche brownie that will surprise you, and so easy to do…
A funny brain for Halloween
A smooth panna cotta flavoured with delicious grape jam
Turkey wings, cooked Coq au Vin style. In Spanish, with translator
Homemade ciabattas
Fluffy madeleines with orange juice, no milk
Fluffy madeleines with orange juice, no milk