Mini Banana Split Cakes – banana cakes with vanilla bean buttercream decorated to look like sundaes! Plus an ice cream giveaway!
Lemon Blackberry Trifle– tart, refreshing, and perfect for warmer weather!
Watermelon-Raspberry Juice. Cold, refreshing, perfect for welcoming summer!
Brownie ice cream sandwiches, filled with vanilla ice cream with a vibrant raspberry swirl.
Chocolate-Dipped Frozen Bananas. Cold, creamy bananas smothered in chocolate and toppings!
Cinnamon Mousse Tarts with Mexican chocolate tart shells.
Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Milkshakes. Sweet and salty, these are the perfect way to beat the heat!
Homemade churros with spicy chocolate sauce, dulce de leche sauce, and fresh mango sauce.
This epic breakfast is made with Nutella, croissants, fresh berries, and toasted hazelnuts.
Snickers cupcakes! Only make these if you love chocolate, caramel, peanuts, and cupcakes the size of your face.
Make your own delicious candy bars at home! These Twix Kats have the best of two bars, with crunchy wafers and chewy caramel.
Burnt Almond Cake: delicious layer cake with major almond flavor and a coating of caramelized nuts. (And no, it’s not burnt!)
Passion Fruit Bars: say goodbye to boring lemon bars by making them with passion fruit instead!
When plain chocolate chip cookies just won’t do, chop them up and make a candy with melted chocolate, walnuts, and coconut.
Liven up brunch or dessert with a delicious fruit pizza made from cookie dough, cream cheese frosting, and fresh fruit!
Looking for the perfect Easter dessert? Try these Raspberry-Tangerine Petit Fours!
Say hello to spring with this Raspberry-Rose Cake, featuring the absolute easiest cake recipe I’ve ever made!
Pistachio Cake with Blackberry Sauce. The best part about this nutty, tender cake? It’s gluten-free!
Tired of plain old pie and ice cream? Blend them together to make one amazing milkshake!
Who needs lemon meringue? Try grapefruit meringue pie instead! This pie has a tart grapefruit filling topped with toasted meringue.
Pear Tarte Tatin, made with caramelized pears and puff pastry.
Cinnamon Puff Pastry Twists – flaky, buttery dough filled with cinnamon and dipped in chocolate!
Chocolate-Dipped Pound Cake: marbled with chocolate and soaked with orange syrup. Cake never had it so good!
Get your fancy pants on and enjoy these Raspberry Mousse Chocolate Cups, with a surprise filling of raspberry-chocolate ganache.
Brown Butter Sugar Cookies, plus quick and easy decorating tips to get ombre or gingham effects.
Red Velvet Bars–the taste of red velvet cake and the texture of blondies!
What’s better than a crepe with nutella? How about a cake made of crepes, layered with Nutella cream?!
Red Velvet Icebox Cakes