Easy Nut-Free Raw Vegan Chocolate Fudge – Super healthy, super easy and incredibly allergy-friendly
This raw crunchy hemp coconut fruit salad is light yet filling – fast, simple and delicious
The perfect winter green smoothie – simple, creamy and delicious with ANY leafy green
Vegan chocolate coconut ice cream – rich, flavoursome, creamy scoops of dairy-free chocolatey goodness
Raw vegan almond milk – easy, quick and delicious
Raw vegan chocolate coconut macaroons – so simple and so delicious!
Vegan rice salad packed with raw veggies – satisfying and bursting with flavour and nutrition
Raw vegan hummus made with leftover almond pulp – rich, creamy and bursting with the flavours of garlic, lemon and sesame
Raw vegan date coconut macaroons with just four ingredients – coconut, dates, vanilla and salt
Homemade raw muesli – quick and easy, and low in grains, nuts and dried fruit
Raw vegan hot chocolate (dairy-free, paleo) – rich, creamy and satisfying
Raw vegan chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and coconut rainbow sprinkles
Raw vegan eggplant bacon – crisp and crunchy and packed with flavour
Raw vegan caramel fudge with just two ingredients – dates and macadamias
Raw carob banana smoothie with sunflower butter (dairy-free)
Raw vegan flaxseed crackers – simple, fast, healthy and versatile
Raw vegan banana and oatmeal porridge served warm, with maple syrup, sultanas and more banana
Raw taco salad with walnut taco meat and cashew sour cream
Vegan coconut vanilla ice cream with agave – smooth, creamy and decadent
Parsley and pear green smoothie with apple, banana and plum