Easy and delicious uubergine baked with mushrooms in herbed tomato sauce with mozzarella and parmesan.
Fast and easy pasta with shrimps in creamy sauce with brandy. Ready in 30 mins!
Delicious pasta baked with sausage, beef and mushrooms under bechamel sauce. Great for dinner!
Delicious pumpkin latte with chicory coffee, cocoa and warming spices. Great for cold evenings.
Easy and delicious chicken witch mustard and balsmic glaze with honey and fresh figs.
Easy and delicious Thai style mussels with red curry, coconut milk and aromatic spices. Great with crusty braid!
Roasted chicken with peanut butter, coconut milk and curry paste glaze. Easy and delicious dinner!
Delicious shakshuka with chorizo, zucchini, chickpeas and eggs with runny yolks. Great breakfast!
Warming and comforting creamy pumpkin and cauliflower soup.
Delicious blueberry peach oven pancake. Fast and easy, great for breakfast!
Fast and easy potato waffles served with chives. Great side dish!
Fast, easy and delicious pasta with creamy chanetrelle and pork sauce. Great for dinner!
Juicy pork chops coated in Parmesan crust, easy and delicious dinner!
Breaded cheese with fries and cranberry preserves. Easy and delicious dinner!
Delicious tart with creamy cherry and bluberry filling and sweet, crunchy streusel. Great dessert!
Easy and delicious asian style duck breasts in sweet sauce. Great for dinner!
Easy, fast and delicious roasted potatoes with balsamic and honey dressing. Great side dish!
Light and easy chicken and broccoli pasta. Great for dinner!
Easy, fast and delicious peach and blueberries with crunchy oat streusel. Great dessert!
Easy and delicious yogurt pancakes with blueberries. Great for breakfast!
The easiest and the fastest way to clean chanterelles.
Easy, fast and delicious rice with aromatic spices, tomatoes and chilli. Great side dish!
Super easy, fast and delicious roasted salmon with mango sauce and green beans. Great for dinner!
Spicy chicken fajitas fith peppers, tomato salsa and tortilla chips. Ready in 30 mins!
Easy and fast to make spicy Thai noodle soup. Ready in 30 mins!
Easy and delicious blueberry muffins with crunchy walnut streusel.
Easy, fast and delicious tuna, avocado and poached egg salad. Great for light breakfast, lunch or supper.
Super easy and delicious broad bean puree with cream.