The taste of childhood. A typical Polish breakfast.
Little russian pancakes – “bliny” with cream cheese, salmon and caviar.
Great, delicious pumpkin gnocchi.
Sweet buns with blueberries, in Poland we say “jagodzianki”.
Blueberries + crumble = delicious muffins.
Perfect polish pancakes.
Vegetables in cake – great carrot cake.
Coconut pancakes – fluffy and tasty cakes from pan.
Delicious muffins with “black pearls”.
Sour and sweet raspberry ice cream.
Domestic ketchup – perfect for everything.
Coconut meringue, sweet blueberries and delicious sponge cake.
Healthy and tasty pizza sauce.
Great for meat dishes and Brie cheese. With apples and sweet pears.
Popular spice for pumpkin dishes.
Homemade preserves are always the best preserves.
Delicious mini-cakes with raspberries and oats.