Classic Indian Onion dip known for its striking orange hue, spicy-tangy taste and smooth texture. Ideal to go along with Idlis, dosas and steamed rice
Matcha Power Latte- promise of good health. Fuss free, good old Latte made using the magical ingredient called – Matcha !
Classic caramel custard made cheesecake style with one healthy substitute for cream cheese. Check it out and get amazed!
The combination of tomatoes, chilli flakes and honey makes this dish a very interesting concept.
Classic fusion of Potato Tikkis (Indian fried snack) with the potato croquettes and a surprise cheese burst center
Bite sized crepe coin treats with the oomph of corn and parmesan making the dish delectable and sizzle your senses
These amazing breads make for a perfect breakfast option and are sumptuously delicious !This is a home made gourmet bagel recipe which is oven fresh t
Lightly scented with scoops of almond goodness and a hint of exotic saffron makes these cooking sinfully delicious and nourishing
Traditional Italian delicacy- Home made Gnocchi. The twist is Chinese cuisine inspired stir fry which gives this gnocchi a very Oriental flavour and
With winters catching on quick, the body starts to seek some warm, nourishing food and soups are certainly a way to incorporate all the nature’s goodn
Traditional Indian fried pastry filled with delicious and spicy onion filling
This dish not only look amazing in that stunning striking orange hue, it is extremely delicious and is great for a hearty yet healthy supper
The flavor of golden onion really adds a dimension to this home made bread
Healthy home made bread with goodness of wheat
Nutritious Bulgur Pilaf loaded with hearty vegetables and lentil goodness
Fruity delight with lemony zing ! No bake cheesecake – totally yummy and divine !
Interesting twist by delightful introduction of hash brown on the pizza – unusual and yummiliceous !