Homemade Buttermilk Substitute – easy way to get buttermilk substitute in 10 minutes using 2 ingredients you have in your fridge.
Easy Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread (eggless) – delicious everyday dessert or breakfast.
Vanilla Chia Pudding – basic pudding which can be eaten as is, or enriched with different add-ons. Great as a breakfast treat or a healthy dessert!
Chocolate Overnight Oats – with banana and chocolate chips topping; healthy, raw and super easy to make; my new favorite morning treat!
ZUCCHINI MEATBALLS – baked meatballs with lots of hidden veggies in tomato sauce; your picky eaters will love this healthy meal!
Eggless Sponge Cake – soft, spongy, springy, moist and sooo delicious, you won’t believe there are no eggs in the recipe!
Banana Nut Muffins – healthy breakfast muffins, full of walnuts, banana, oats and whole wheat flour.
Chickpea Dumplings in Curry Tomato Sauce – a perfect vegetarian one pot dish; to veganize, use non-dairy yogurt.
Buckwheat Porridge – gluten free, healthy breakfast alternative. To veganize, use non-dairy milk.
Chocolate Cherry Chia Pudding – easy raw dessert, ideal for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion.
Celeriac Mash – creamy and fragrant side dish; best served with meat or vegetarian patties; a good substitute for mashed potatoes or cauliflower
Beef Barley Soup – easy and healthy meal, rich in flavor of beef, vegetables and seasonings.
Healthy Chocolate Brownies – with oat flour, (vegan or dairy) Greek yogurt, dark brown sugar and vegan chocolate ganache.
Easy Homemade Miso Soup – done in 5 minutes; can be enjoyed daily for comfort as well as for boosting our metabolism.
Apricot Orange Protein Balls – small bites packed with power to quickly restore your energy or satisfy your sweet tooth; raw; ready in 5 minutes
Cornflakes Cookies – the easiest no bake cookies I’ve ever made; just 2 ingredients and super crunchy!
Vegan Superfood Hot Chocolate – delicious thick winter drink, with various healthy ingredients including the healthiest fruit in the world
Persimmon Coconut Overnight Oats – sweet ripe fruit combined with shredded coconut, rolled oats and almond milk for easy breakfast
Rice Noodles with Chicken and Prawns – healthy stir-fry dish, full of vegetables, easily prepared for lunch or dinner
Protein Waffles – easy way to increase protein intake which will support your fitness goals and help you lose weight
Sweet Potato Soup with Tortilla Chips – super healthy sweet potato makes it extra creamy. There is no comfort food like Mexican food!
Quinoa Fried Rice – if you like regular fried rice, you will like this low-carb, recipe, too
Almond Milk Strawberry Smoothie – aronia berry (chokeberry) powder gives additional boost to your already healthy breakfast or post-workout smoothie
Zucchini Cheese Pie – shredded zucchinis mixed with cottage (or ricotta) cheese, cream and eggs, then poured into a pie crust; sweet or savory
Mango Ice Cream – 3-ingredients, healthy
Chickpea Avocado Orzo Salad – full of proteins and healthy fats; complete meal or a side dish; vegans: replace feta cheese with black olives
Watermelon Juice – your kids will love this summer refreshing drink; grown-ups won’t mind it, too
No Cook Blender Soup – nice way to eat more vegetables – simple and tasty