An antioxidant rich purple sweet potato and purple cauliflower soup that brings the nutritious power and colors of the rainbow to your plate.
Vibrant colorful Thai Peanut & Quinoa Salad. Both vegan and gluten free, it is packed with vitamins, fibers, and proteins.
Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these sweet potato fries make a perfect healthy snack!
A perfect crisp and buttery chocolate chip shortbread cookie.
Delicious sesame crusted Ahi tuna with zoodles. Already a summer favorite!
Baked with fresh berries, a delicious vanilla cream and a kick of cardamom, these sweet buns are off the chart!
Goat cheese and sun dried tomato madeleines – a delicious savory madeleine cookie that is perfect served as an appetizer ror alongside a fresh garden
This healthy pecan spread is perfect on toast, served as a dip for apples or eaten straight from the spoon. No added sugar, vegan and paleo friendly!
Healthy spicy lime bars (vegan, raw, gluten free, no added sugar). Ready in 5 minutes only!
Fluffy and buttery French toasts, topped with fresh berries, whipped cream and a drizzle of maple syrup.
A wonderful alternative to the classic pizza to make you eat more veggies. And still delicious!
A great alternative to the classic basil pesto. Vegetarian, colorful and very tasty!
A fresh, healthy ricotta tartine with broad beans and asparagus. Perfect for spring!
Thick, chewy peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies made with no butter and no flour!
Super moist and flavorful carrot cake recipe. The best I ever found, this recipe is a keeper!
No sugar, butter or flour in this incredibly moist chocolate cake. Yes, healthy can taste like heaven!
Perfect healthy avocado smoothie bowl that does not taste greens at all!
5 five star salmon recipe with delicious sweet thai chili sauce, lime, cashews and fresh coriander.
Root vegetables are an easy comfort dish, super healthy and high in fiber to boot!
Rustic crumble made with fruits, chocolate and spices, and an extra crunchy taste.
A wonderful vegetarian winter lentil salad with delicious caramelized pears and blue cheese.
Celebrate January with a colorful tradition from Provence: the Kings Cake – a delicious brioche style cake decorated with candied fruits.
Easy 4-ingredient chocolate bark recipe, ready in 10 minutes only. A perfect Christmas gift for the ones you love!
These extremely moist mini orange and saffron cakes are the perfect Christmas sweet treats to enjoy with your family.
Amazing savory French toast recipe with balsamic onion jam and kale. A must have on your brunch table!
Quick and easy chocolate granola recipe. A wholesome breakfast perfect for all chocolate cravings!
This beloved Swedish cake is a very easy recipe with a wonderful chocolate taste and a really fudgy and gooey texture.
This acai pecan chia pudding will help you start your day with a good cleanse, as it’s loaded with fiber and antioxidants.