Hokkaido squash and wild onion soup
Philippe Andrieu macarons
Panna Cotta with raspberries – classic Italian dessert (text in English and in Croatian)
Dalmatian Musky Octopus Brodetto
Zucchini and Gorgonzola Risotto
Rice, coconut milk and strawberry pudding
Tuna fish pate
Young Pea & Pine nuts Soup
Sour Cherry & Coconut milk Crumble
Thai style Spring rolls
Beetroot houmous & Homemade Tahini paste – scroll down for recipe in English
Salpicón de Marisco (Spanish seafood salad)- guest posting by my dear friend Lana Morvai
Roasted Carrot and Apple soup with coriander seeds
Lemon Angel Food Cake with coriander seeds
Salted Caramel ice cream – make your own homemade version without ice cream maker!
Sultana & Almond Rice (Nasi Bukhari) by guest blogger Ira Rodrigues
Ferrero Rocher Cake with Nutella, Mascarpone cheese and domestic hazelnuts – so adorable :
Dear Mum, Grandmother & Grandfather, Thank you for allowing me to play in fields, In our family garden full of – Plum trees, Sour Cherry trees, Fig trees…
Roasted garlic &Cauliflower soup
Orange & Walnut bars – I use pulp, zest and juice, too. You have to try this!
Amazong Chocolate Brownies
Pomegranate, Pecorino cheese and Lamb’s lettuce winter Salad
Spaghetti alla papalina (classic Roman dish with prosciutto, Pecorino cheese and peas). Creamy, simply and gorgeous!
Candied almonds-traditional Croatian crunchy sweets for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter… Try it with sweet dessert wine. Life is good!
Traditional Christmas cookies in Croatia
My birthday cake. So chocolate, so lovely, so delicious. I love it! Text in English and in Croatian.
Easiest Chocolate muffins (they are delicious too).
Amazing seasonal apples and delicious coconut milk. Do I need to say more? Text in English and in Croatian.