Healthy gluten free crunch cookies for your furry four legged kids.
Sweet buns with tart plum or cherry filling are a dessert heaven…. I dare you to eat just one!
Scratch made luscious lemon buttermilk pudding.
Why not use fresh roasted apples to dress up a Pork tenderloin… simple and delicious.
Just like a banana split without the ice cream… so easy and so darn good!
This is the only way I’ll eat green beans… simple and amazingly addictive.
This make ahead dish makes eating low carb easy all week!
A tangy lemon filling and fresh berries are summer on a plate made extra special with drizzled chocolate.
A perfect summer weekend treat with a few simple ingredients.
A Czech version of Garlic Bread is not for the fait of heart… it packs a garlic punch that will keep vampires away for days!
Garlic, rosemary and thyme seasoned lamb chops made super simple using the sous vide method.
Fried foods are the unsung heroes of pure comfort… go ahead… indulge!
Brownies are over the top with sour cherry cheesecake mixed in…
Peanut Butter Cheesecake tops this chocolate brownie in ways that make it unbelievable good!
This kôprová or dill sauce is served with Beef and Dumplings or Knedliky…perfect Czech Sunday Dinner!
Need a grown up dessert? Maple Bourbon Banana Bread Pudding is luscious and sinfully delicious.
Lightly breaded and fried fish
Simple and easy pasta recipe that is true comfort food. Made even better with easy homemade noodles!
Vdolky made to taste so much like the Beignets from New Orleans I dare you to tell the difference – bonus… they’re easier to make!
Make your soup a wonder for your iron levels with this light, fluffy and unobtrusive liver dumpling.
Swap out your noodles for this iron boosting Czech favourite… soooo sooo good!
Healthy stuffing and an amazing crust using peppercorns, allspice, honey and mustard make this roast a family favourite.
Are you the only one in the house that loves mushrooms? Hide mushrooms this way and everyone will love them.
Poached Asian Pears with a Wine Reduction – so easy and beautiful – the way life should be
Traditional bohemian Linzer cookies aren’t just for Christmas… they are beautiful and luscious and special enough for any occasion.
Raw and roasted garlic in abundance gives this dish a wow factor… and vegan and vegetarian friendly.
Gingerbread cookies that pack a punch and how to make your chocolate drizzle look good.
Traditional Czech Christmas Cookies are extra special with the addition of fennel seeds