An indian drink made with milk, dry fruits, some spices ,colors and fun :)
Paneer Naan Pizza is an amazing combination of Indian flavors with Italian way of cooking made from cottage cheese and Naan
Palak paneer ,is an Indian dish consisting of spinach and paneer (cottage cheese) in a thick curry sauce based on pureed spinach.
Whole wheat pasta simmered in mushrooms and tomato sauce.
Prawns cutlets are amazingly tasty patties made from prawns, shredded coconut, curry leaves and indian spices
Vada is a spicy potato mixture with a coating of gram flour, deep fried in oil. Pav is a special kind of soft bread, almost square in shape.
Butter Chicken is cream based chicken gravy with a heavy dash of butter and fenugreek leaves.
Sabudana Khichdi is a fasting recipe made from sago, peanuts and potatoes. It is one the most famous Maharastrian breakfast recipe:)
Peas with potatoes in a tomatoes onion based gravy. It’s tangy and spicy at the same time. Tastes best with hot phulkas.
Chicken made in a simple and spicy yoghurt sauce. This is a best chicken gravy without onions and tomatoes.
It’s a rice based dish made with chicken and Indian spices.
Simple homemade Bhuna Gobi made with thinly chopped cauliflower and indian spices.
Green peas with mushrooms topped with some cream and nothing can go wrong:)
Chocolate cake full of almonds and made in 20 mins from scratch in microwave!
Tasty & Spicy chicken kheema pav is made from minced chicken and indian spices
Made from tangy and sweet kiwis and green apple, it’s the most simple and tasty chutney .
Spicy and tangy prawns masala curry is a delight for every seafood lover
A sweet, simple and easy dessert made from yoghurt, strawberries and multigrain crunch cereals.
Nutella Brownies are brownies made from just 3 ingredients nutella, flour and eggs. They are amazing soft and taste amazing with ice-cream.
Healthy and nutritious whole wheat pasta with broccoli and mushrooms is a quick dinner recipe
It’s a simple and healthy meal recipe with brown rice, french beans and fenugreek leaves which is high is proteins and low in calories
Healthy nutritious whole wheat tortillas stuffed with chicken and guacamole is the one of the most simplest and nutritious recipes of mine
Marinated Prawns in coconut milk gravy sautéed with onions, tomatoes and other Indian spices.
Grilled chicken Burger is a delicious chicken patty wrapped in middle of soft buns, veggies and sauces
Delicious pancakes served with bananas and strawberries
Yellow dal is a lentil soup or dal made by boiling tuvar dal/yellow pigeon peas with sautéed garlic, mustard seeds and chillies
Palak chicken is a delicious curry made by sautéing chicken, onions, spices and spinach together
Nankhatai is a shortbread cookie from India.