Spicy peppers and seasonings are basted onto these grilled chicken wings. Keep the heat in your wings, not in your kitchen!
This sauce tastes like the sweet, sour, rich sauce you know, but it uses ingredients you already have at home. No special grocery trips!
A how-to tutorial (including photos) of how to clean, prepare, roast, and serve a whole head of cauliflower.
Kir Royale combines Champagne and a black currant liqueur to make a delectable cocktail.We offer some cool variations to try, too.
Get our recipe to make homemade mini and full sized marshmallows from scratch. Your hot chocolate will give you a big kiss.
Learn how to make a batch of homemade hot chocolate in a slow cooker that will serve a big crowd of people.
How to make a batch of homemade, rich, chocolaty hot cocoa. No mixes here, just pure cocoa, milk, and sugar.
This hot chocolate recipe doesn’t come from a mix. It uses real chocolate for an rich and delicious flavor.
Learn how to make perfect pan gravy, every time. With step-by-step instructions and photo tutorial.
Brussels sprouts pasta, with pesto and Pecorino cheese. The sweetness of the pesto and cheese pair beautifully with the bitter sprouts.
A winter take on coleslaw that uses Brussels sprouts, oranges and pecans.
When roasted whole, Brussels sprouts get brown and crispy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside.
Spinach artichoke dip is tossed with chicken and penne pasta and baked up for a delicious and easy weeknight dinner recipe.
You can make fluffy, homemade yeast-risen dinner rolls in just 35 minutes with this recipe.
Learn how to use up leftover candy apple syrup to make delicious candy apple candies.
Learn how to make candy apples with us. It’s not hard. It’s actually crazy-easy.
These apple peanut butter blondies are low in sugar, but high in taste. They’re made with natural peanut butter and are full of fiber.
Fluffy popcorn tossed with bits of crispy bacon and a kick of sriracha. It’s a totally addicting snack!
Classic homemade popcorn balls, just like your mom used to make!
This tasty snack is made with popcorn and homemade caramel in just a few quick minutes, thanks to the use of a microwave!
This light Alfredo sauce is thick and rich from the use of Greek yogurt
Classic stuffed peppers just like mom used to make! Sweet bell peppers are filled with ground beef, rice, tomato sauce and spices.
The ingredients in a hollandaise sauce are eggs, water, lemon juice & butter. They come together beautifully, with a LOT of whisking!
Fresh strawberries,tequila,lime juice, and triple sec, blended into a frozen cocktail to love.
Served on the rocks with a squeeze of lime and, of course, a salted rim.
This easy shrimp and pasta dinner comes together really fast. Cream cheese adds creaminess while a zing of lemon makes it all pop.
The classic BLT sandwich loses it’s bread and picks up chicken instead. It’s a delicious twist.
These homemade pizza pockets are perfect for kids’ lunchboxes! They’re freezer-friendly and can go from freezer to lunchbox without any extra steps.