Easy and effortless dessert for Thanksgiving or any party
A fusion Chinese dish popular in restaurants, orange flavored chicken with a hint of spiciness
Dahi vada..lentil dumplings in yogurt
Spicy chicken in a soy sauce based gravy, popular Chinese dish from Indian sub-continent, chili chicken
Better than restaurant chicken tikka masala, with homemade spices
Freshwater small fishes in onion tomato based dry spicy gravy
Restaurant style paneer butter masala or paneer makhani ready in 30 min, paneer in a rich creamy gravy
Dhokar dalna or lentil cake curry is 100% vegetarian, no-onion, no-garlic, traditional dish
eggs in onion tomato based spicy thick gravy, quick n easy, goes well with rice and bread
how to cook jasmine rice perfectly
A popular indo-chinese dish ready in 15 min, spicy fish with soy sauce
Raw mango pickle with jaggery and spiced up with various spices
Perfect for back to school snack, walnut and choco-chip cupcakes
My mom’s secret recipe of chicken curry
Rum flavored fruit and nut bundt cake