Honey strawberries and yoghourt trifle
Strawberries infusioned in honey accompanied by creamy yoghourt and crispy granola
Mustard, ketchup and honey flavoured ribs
Savoury ribs bathed ina a mustard, ketchup and honey sauce. Irresistible to eat with your hands!
Garlic and bread toast soup
Typical soup from the Spanish region of Castile and León, made of three basic ingredients: water, garlic and bread.
Carrot, mandarine and nuts muffins
Tender and fluffy muffins made with carrots, mandarine juice and nuts toppped.
Chocolate chips cookies
Extremely addictive chocolate chips cookies. Tender inside, brownie-like, and crispy outside.
Zucchini fritters in lemony yoghourt dip
Soft, tender and delicious zucchini fritters accompanied by a lemony-flavoured yoghourt dip.
Cod brandada
A typical Spanish dish from the region of Catalonia, made with cod in a milky and olive oil cream. Soft and delicious, ideal for a snack or even for stuffing other ingredients.
Chocolate chips cookies
Not any chocolate chip cookie. Will you dare not give it a try?
Caramelized and cinnamon scented clementines
Delicious, aromatic, exotic cinnamon scented clementines.
White bread by Linda Collister
Fresh white bread with a crunchy crust, soft, chewy and tasty body.
Persimmon Brioche
Soft brioche persimmon topped, perfect for breakfast or tea.
Potatoes filled with mushrooms
Potatoes filled with tasty mushrooms and grated emmental cheese.
Biscay style cod
Biscay style cod – A delicious cod fillet on a Biscay style sauce (Spanish dish from the Basque Country)
Roasted chestnut cookies - Galletas de castañas asadas
Cookies made with roasted chestnuts and a nice a fresh touch of cinnamon and nutmeg.
Mallorcan tumbet
A typical dish in the Spanish isle of Mallorca and which consists of layers of fried vegetables and tomato sauce.