Peanut Butter Brownie Pie
Peanut Butter Brownie Pie with Pretzel Crust + cookbook GIVEAWAY
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cooki
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies
Cherry Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Cherry Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Iced Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Iced Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Pina Colada Cupcakes
Pina Colada Cupcakes
strawberry white chocolate scones
Easy like a Sunday morning! Strawberry White Chocolate Scones.
Pan Crusted Chicken with Pasta
Pan Crusted Chicken with Creamy Pasta made from yogurt.
Movie Theater Cookies
Movie Theater Cookies with buttered popcorn, peanut M&M’s, and chocolate chips.
Serious Chocolate Brownies
Chocolate Brownies topped with chocolate ganache
Hawaiian Sliders
Hawaiian Sliders: Just in time for the Super Bowl game!
Brownie Whoopie Pies with Strawberr
Brownie Whoopie Pies with Strawberry Filling
vegan cookie sandwiches
Vegan Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches
Vegan Cupcakes
Vegan Chocolate Mayonnaise Cupcakes with Vegan Chocolate Ganache Frosting
Jalapeno Stuffed Chicken
Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken breast filled with jalapeno and a bunch of cheeses!
Homemade Cookie Butter
Homemade Cookie Butter
Herb Stuffing with Sausage
Its Day 2 of “Thanksgiving Week” and I am sharing with you a recipe for Herb Stuffing with Sausage and dried cranberries.
Pumpkin Cheese Cake with Sticky Toffee Sauce
Pumpkin Cheesecake with Sticky Toffee Sauce! Perfect way to end your holiday feast!
Baked Cinnamon Sugar Bites
Baked Cinnamon Sugar Bites with Caramel Cream Cheese Dip
Sweet Korean BBQ Sliders
Using Campbells Slow Cooker Sauces is as easy as 1-2-3. Make these Sweet Korean BBQ Sliders with Sweet Asian Slaw for your next party!
Snicker RIce Krispie Treats
Snicker Rice Krispie Treats made with real chunks of Snickers
Short Ribs
Short Ribs with White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes. This is definitely the BEST comfort meal of the season!
Tres Leches Cake
Spiced Tres Leches Cake with Pumpkin Cream Cheese Frosting
Buffalo Cheese Sticks
These Buffalo Cheese Sticks on requires 4 ingredients!
Blueberry Lemon Muffins
These are the best muffins ever! Blueberry Lemon Muffins are amazing.
Open Face Breakfast Sandwich
Open Face Breakfast Sandwich topped off with Gruyere Cheese Sauce
Peanut Butter and Brownie Cheesecak
Peanut Butter and Brownie Cheesecake
Apple Beer Cupcakes
Cupcakes made with real apples and real beer!
Rolo S'more Thumbprint Cookies
Rolo S’more Thumbprint Cookies
Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies
Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies- Perfect for the fall!
Caramel Apple Blondies
Rich delicious blondie filled with butterscotch, toffee, and walnuts; topped off with apple chunks and drizzled with caramel sauce.
Toffee Cheesecake Bars
Toffee Cheesecake Bars
Healthy Peach and Blueberry Crumble
Peach and Blueberry Crumble made with no white sugar!
Oreo Cheesecake
No Bake Oreo Cheesecake loaded with hefty chunks of Oreos and hot fudge.
Sauteed Green Beans with Bacon
Sauteed Green Beans with bacon and minced garlic
Chicken and Pineapple Skewers and Honey Chipotle Glaze
Chicken and Pineapple skewers and Honey Chipotle Glaze!
Peanut Butter Cup Martini
Peanut Butter Cup Martini made with Chocolate Whipped Pinnacle, peanut butter simple syrup, and more chocolate!
Crunch Burger Sliders
Crunch Burger Sliders with sharp cheddar cheese, bacon, and BBQ chips!
Chocolate Bar Shortbread Cookies
Rich and buttery Shortbread topped with decadent Troberlone Milk Chocolate.
Brownie Ice Cream Dippers
Brownie Ice Cream Dippers are fun to eat. Just dip in your sweet dessert sauces and you’re in heaven!