Sugar syrup for cough – the natural way to good health.
Two-Tone semolina cake – light and diet. You must try it!
Chops with tuna
Muffins with chocolate without a mixer
Ginger (for aging)
Spicy Pulled pork – very aromatic with cinnamon, anise and beer.
Dumplings are a great addition to soups and meats. Combines well with the stew.
Energy bars are a great snack in the early morning.
Ideally cookies. Great for munching during the day. You can put them in a container with a screw cap and store a few days.
Beef stew with dumplings. Delicious suggestion for dinner.
Semolina Cake – Very light and diet.
Delicious cake with mascarpone cream and berries.
A simple suggestion for today’s lunch. Golden chicken drumsticks with young potatoes.
Buns with mushrooms and cheese – very fluffy and soft
Muffins love in any form. May be with or without additives. Present version of the Fit or muesli with flakes of FITT.
Homemade dumplings with strawberries -delicious and fragrant vanilla
Casseroles for buns- that idea to use rolls that are from the previous day.
Croissants with pudding and strawberries – Very soft and delicate.
Delicious fish with fragrant herbs. Light and extremely aromatic.
Spring minestrone – Delicious and very aromatic soup. With all the young vegetables that appeared on the market.
Soon, the day our children. Rainbow jellies are perfect for the occasion.
Beer Battered Chicken – Light and crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside!
Thyme meatballs from the oven. Light and diet
Grilled fillet marinated in yogurt with curry and paprika. Delicious and diet!
Egg patties with sun-dried tomatoes. Great for lunch!
Breakfast parfait with cherries. Light and very nutritionally.
Very tasty spicy balls. Also ideal for dinner as well as snacks. With the addition of chilli and ginger.
Delicious looking cake. A delicate sponge pudding cocoa mass superior and on top of meringue wafers. Delicious!