Saltine S’mores Fudge Sandwich. A sweet and salty combination makes the perfect LAST MINUTE gift!
Papaya Coconut Panna Cotta. A no bake dessert using coconut milk and freshly ripe papaya fruit.
Orange Cornmeal Shortbread. These buttery shortbread cookies are made with cornflour and orange zest.
Peach & Honey Glazed Cornmeal Cake A cake uses cornmeal flour, glazed with honey syrup and topped with peaches.
Cranberry Honey Corn Muffin. Cornbread muffins with honey and dried cranberries.
Matcha Buttercream Frosted Hot Cocoa Cupnies. A mini brownie cupcake with a matcha green tea honey buttercream.
These blondie bars are loaded with m&ms and oreo, with a cheese cake layer!
Lemon Honey Madeleine. The French butter sponge cake with lemon and honey.
Disappearing marshmallows matcha green tea white chocolate blondies with pistachio nuts.
Matcha Chocolate Pistachio Cups. Better than chocolate peanut butter cups!
Homemade Pistachio Butter
Pandoro Cheesecake Pudding. A bread pudding muffin made with pandoro and cheese.
Matcha Green Tea Cranberry Granola. Less sugar, less calories, organic and high antioxidant.
Cashew nut brittles with added honey.
Japanese pancakes filled with red bean paste.
Matcha Creme Caramel. Aka Green Tea Caramel Custard Pudding
Funfetti Sugar Cookie Sandwiched between Vanilla Ice Cream
Just 4 (or 2 giant) Peanut Butter M&M Cookies!
Matcha Green Tea Chiffon Cake in mini version.
Pumpkin Chiffon Cake. Last bite of Fall.
Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake. Very rich and creamy with slight bitterness.
Iced pumpkin pie scones with crystallized ginger.
Pumpkin Pie Granola. The perfect breakfast for Fall.
Chocolate Mocha Chiffon Cake.
Ginger Milk Ice Cream. The best homemade ice cream for this summer!
Mini Pavlova. An individual serving of meringue topped with blackcurrant jam and fresh kiwi.
Banana Chiffon Cake. A perfect cake recipe to use up your ripen banana.
A sugar free cookie with natural sweetener including applesauce and golden raisins.