A summer pastry: strawberry Napoleons
A quiche with tomatoes, Brie and mustard, gives a delicious lunch or dinner
Lactose free and gluten free muffins with no refined sugar: muffin with apple and raisins
Just three ingredients, that easy: pudding with lemon
Insanely easy, simple and fast: stir fry cauliflower, noodles and beef
It just takes a little time to prepare this recipe for lime yogurt ice cream with raspberry mint jelly. But then you’ve got a fresh summer dessert
Simply and delicious. At the table within 20 minutes this fresh vegetable soup with crêpes.
Just as tasty, but without the lactose: lactose free chocolate cupcakes
A skinny and healthy recipe for drumsticks with lemon. Made with a grill or bbq. Full of flavor
This is a delicious healthy and light recipe and easy and quick to prepare: tilapia fillet with tomato salsa.
On winter evenings a delicious after-dinner liqueur. You won’t get a cold this winter.
Kruidnoten cake is a delicious cake, filled with gingerbread nuts, and warming in Winter.
Mulled wine or Bishop’s wine is a Sinterklaas drink that is served hot. And that is good in the chilly evenings of December.
Dutch sour meat, zoervleisj in Limburg dialect, as the name implies, is meat stewed in vinegar and then sweetened
I poached the pears in a sweet brown beer. This beer is caramelised to a thick syrup and with the added warming spices.
This recipe for beer bonbons, consists of marshmallows with beer jelly and covered with a layer of delicious chocolate.
The creamy beer cheese sauce, is best when served hot. Dip a nice piece of bread or vegetables in the sauce. Delicious as fondue or snack!
This recipe for Japanese salmon poached in miso is delicious with flavor super healthy and skinny. A quick recipe, which is also very easy to make
Halloween cake ghosts with a crunchy glaze. The eyes are made with a melted chocolate stick. Great to bake with kids
A delicious recipe for a chocolate cake with a cream cheese topping in Halloween style.
Greek marinated olives, marinated in garlic and oregano, which gives them a delicious taste!
On the french fields murmurs the lavender soft on the rhythm of the wind. You get an immediate feeling of summer and this recipe for lavender ice crea
Ukadiche modak: a delicate prepration of coconut and jiggery filled in a tender rice flour covering
The recipe for this simple but oh so tasty chocolate sprinkles cake is a hit. Soft butter, crispy crust and delicious chocolate.
Currant cranberry bread stuffed with currants, raisins and cranberries. Airy, full of flavor and lots of fruits
The recipe for this sponge cakes gives airy, crunchy and slightly sweet cookies. The cookies will melt on your tongue. Delicious to the last bite.
Spelt penne with rosemary, bacon and lemon.Tasteful and served in 20 minutes, ideal for busy days.
Chicken drumsticks are always great! These chicken drumsticks in soy sauce are great accompanied with rice with sweet onion and a crispy green salad.