Lemon and artichoke pasta – in just 15 minutes!
Slow cooker ratatouille – a low-effort way to make flavourful ratatouille with no oil!!
Homemade Thai green curry paste – surprisingly easy, and I had most of the ingredients in my kitchen already!
Cheese and onion stuffed flatbreads – you’ll want to tear right into these!
Vegetable moussaka casserole – a much quicker and easier way to make the perfect veggie moussaka.
Cheesy pesto white bean mash – an unbelievably delicious, protein-rich alternative to mashed potato!
Creamed kale with chickpeas – only needs a tiny bit of cream and cheese to make it feel really indulgent!
White wine mushroom bruschetta with halloumi
Creamy portobello and kale quinoa bake – tastes wonderfully indulgent, but it’s packed with nutrients!
Peanut butter chickpea curry
Thai curry lentil bakes – a really easy way to liven up your lentils!
Kohlrabi was a completely new vegetable to me, but these fritters were a really easy way to use it!
Pizza roasted chickpeas – all the flavours of your favourite pizza! These are SO good!!
This tikka masala recipe only takes 20 minutes! You can add whatever protein you like – chicken, paneer, chickpeas, Quorn, etc.
Low-carb cauliflower pizza – this recipe COMPLETELY converted me to cauliflower!!
Finally tackled my fear of deep frying for these beer battered mushrooms – totally worth it! The batter only has 2 ingredients!
Antipasti pizza – so much flavour in just a few simple toppings! (plus a great way to use up all the jars in the fridge…)
Tortellini Caesar salad – a really easy way to turn your favourite salad into a full meal.
Roasted aubergine and ricotta tart with basil, roasted garlic and parmesan.
Creamy watercress stuffed crepes – easy, but makes you feel super fancy! Perfect for brunch.
Avocado caprese salad – because everything’s better with avocado!
Garlicky quinoa bowls with broccoli and chickpeas – I’ve never been this excited about such a healthy vegan recipe before!
Asparagus spaghetti with a fried egg – easy, cheap, delicious!
Breakfast nachos – in case you ever needed an excuse to eat nachos at 8am…
Thai curry linguine – a tasty 15 minute dinner!
Egg fu yung – this stuff is incredible! Tastes just like Chinese take away!
Curried chickpea pot pie – the perfect creamy comfort food!
Tartar sauce is really easy to make at home – it takes just 5 minutes and 4 ingredients!