Your morning bacon and eggs breakfast turned into a delicious sandwich
Healthy couscous salad, the perfect party food
Delicious gnocchi with lemon and parsley sauce
Home-made rolls filled with cherry jam
Delicious grilled chicken breast with home-made balsamic sauce
Amazing home-made cake perfect for your kid’s birthday
Easy to make, crispy meringue cookies that will melt in your mouth, like little clouds of chocolate.
Delicious grilled chicken served with a home-made mango salsa.
Delicious Irish sandwich with grilled beef and horseradish
This classic favorite, topped with pineapple and raisins will truly turn things upside down.
Absolutely delicious, mint flavoured chocolate brownies
Delicious side dish from a mix of sweet potatoes, mushrooms and Brussels sprouts.
Amazing chocolate roulade with cream cheese and prune jam
Home-made guacamole with tortilla
Delicious spritz cookies in a European style.
This chicken liver, cooked in wine and seasoned with thyme, makes a delicious home-made appetizer.
Simple and delicious meatballs with marinara sauce, fresh parsley and sour cream
Pigs in a blanket
Funny Chicken stuffed zucchini pockets
Easy and delicious meat pie.
Pork rolls with flavored sauce
Delicious cream cheese spreads
Banana milkshake
Delicious creamy tiramisu with melon and cocoa shavings!
Fresh healthy little baskets with brandy dressing.
Hasselback Potatoes with Bacon, Cheddar cheese, sour cream and green onion.
Healthy and creamy broccoli soup, only few ingredients but lot of flavor
Focaccia bread with olives, cheese and cherry tomatoes