An easy and elegant no-churn ice cream that is perfect for the busy holiday season. Cherry Pie filling is the secret.
Nutty chewy farro is the star of the salad with the Mediterranean flavors of lemon, cucumber, tomatoes and onion in the supporting roles.
A light salad consisting of aromatic shaved fennel, sweet orange segments, over crunchy romaine and topped with a citrus vinaigrette.
One pan dish of succulent garlicky chicken with a wine sauce peas and roasted potatoes.
This is a slowly simmered meat sauce that is first cooked in milk, then wine, finally tomatoes. A true classic Italian sauce with a rich meat taste.
A healthy Italian vegetable soup that uses the vegetables of the season. Chicken and its broth makes a rich flavorful soup.
A delicious vegetable side dish that is flavored with garlic, lemon and topped with sunflower seeds. Healthy, tasteful, easy!