A tasty, healthy and crispy South Indian fritters using Drumstick leaves. Fully vegan.
Mango Lassi – Delicious and Tasty Indian Yogurt Drink. A cool treat for any guests.
A refreshing Mango Drink with a squeeze of lemon – Mango Lemonade – a cool treat for the summer
Crispy Prawns – Yummy and tempting prawns bundled with cheese and herbs and coated with crispy bread crumps
Guilt free and a Low calorie snack – Roasted Lotus seeds / roasted phool makhana / roasted fox nuts
Peas Pulao – Tasty Indian Rice with half cooked peas and flavorful basmati rice. Goes well with a spicy side dish
Tempting South Indian Fish Gravy in Tamarind Sauce
Easy Eggless Peanut Butter Cookies – Learn how to make eggless cookies
Easy and comforting thick vegetable soup – Indian Version