The cookies I made for a TV show!
Love Chocolate? Take a double dose with this chocolate chip cupcakes with the best chocolate buttercream.
My first Bundt Cake, delicious!!!!
Butter cookies decorated with fondant as sweet Candy Canes
Typicall Spanish Chocolate Nougat becoming cupcakes!!
It’s Christmas Time!
Don’t have a Xmas tree?? Just take 3 cucakes an little fondant,!!
Really easy to made sponge cake with plenty of colours!
Chocolate Cupcakes with fondant decorations
If you love chocolate, you’ll love this! (in spanish, translator on side bar)
Delicious combination of chocolate and dulce de leche
Delicious!! Vainilla cupcakes filled with orange jam, with the best chocolate buttercream ever!
Based on the tutorial from “I am baker”, the most beautiful cake in world!
There’s a new member in family! Let’s celebrate!!
It’s necessary to say somenthing?? Just enjoy the brownie!
Vainilla cupcakes, filled with chocolate plus swiss meringue buttercream
Typical cheese cke with a touch of chocolate
Mini cupcakes for Halloween
Cookies for my mum’s birthday!!
Delicious chocolate cake balls
lemon flavoured cupcakes, filled with lemon curd