Celebrate Saint George’s day in catalonian style!!
Easy and Fast Temptation
Delicious Nutella Muffins, really easy to make!
What’s best for Valentine’s than a super chocolate cake?
Really simple and effective valentine’s cookies
Simple and easy cupcakes with the flavour of a Rosocn (Spanish traditional dessert)
Want something sweet and want it now? Try this!
Christmas decorated cupcakes
Love this pre christmas taste!
Vanilla Cake, filled with raspberry jam and white chocolate ganache
Sewing themed Vanilla & Whipped Cream Cake, filled with chocolate ganache, covered with whipped cream
Lady gaga inspired cupcakes, good for Halloween too!!
What to say? Those Red Velvets are extraordinary
Everybody loves chocolate, so everybody will love thos great chocolate layer cake. Taste it!
Chocolate cupcakes with mint buttercream. The taste of an “After eight” in a cupcake!
Vainilla cupcakes with vainilla buttercream- bars & stars themed
Vainilla cupcakes with Nocilla (spanish nutella – chocolate cream) buttercream
For chocolate lovers! Chocoalte cupcakes with white chocolate ganache!
Chocolate cupcakes with orange buttercream
My first Devil’s Food Cupcakes… Delicious!!
Celebrate spring with this delicious pistachio cupcakes
My first try on making macarons, filled with chocoalte ganache
Colourful cupcakes filled with Lacasitos (spanish candies similar than M&M’s)
Vainilla cupcakes, filled with dulce de leche, covered with chocolate buttercream
Delicious chocolate cookies made with true love
Super cute cookie Pops decorated with fondant and royal icing
Chocolate cupcakes covered with strawberry buttercream (made with marmalade!!) Delicious!!
This is my mother’s sponge cake recipie, super easy and delicious!! (in sppanish, translator on side bar)