Thai style veggie rolls
Tokyo Banana sponge cake with choco banana custard filling
Matcha and chocolate soy ice creams. No cook, no eggs, no dairy products.
Pineapple banana frozen yogurt
Spicy vegetable soup with rice cake
Shrimp scampi with coriander
Pan-fried buns with chicken and mushroom filling
Bite-sized cakes snowed with icing sugar
Mini pretzel glued together with chocolate and styled up with sprinkles
Spiced oxtail stew
Kabocha muffins with cheesy bits inside
Gyoza (Japanese dumpling) soup with plant-based ingredients for the soup stock and filling.
Have leftover rice that is too dry to make fried rice? Give this easy-to-make risotto with miso paste a try.
Fuss-free “boiled” eggs using a frying pan
A chocolatey and minty cake with sweet and salty nutty icing