Cheesecake & ice cream cherry cake
Triple layered oat cake with figs cherries and pomegranate
Roasted pumpkin quinoa salad with vegan ‘yogurt’ and coriander dressings
Middle Eastern rainbow salad with tahini garlic sauce
Breakfast cake made with oats, coconut butter and pumpkin seeds and sweetened with bananas.
Gorgeous carob rye and vanilla breakfast bars / vegan
Gluten free turmeric millet buns baked with avocado, cumin and currants
Raw blueberry lemon mini cheesecakes with poppy seeds
Quinoa mint almond salad with grilled zucchini and eggplant
Raw chocolate cherry cheesecake with homemade chocolate and pommies
Raw veggie wraps made from everyday veggie leftovers
Healthy green tacos full of all the good stuff! Perfect for summer picnics, BBQs or a light meal.
Raw chocolate caramel cheesecake with caramel truffles
Incredibly delicious, nourishing and healing kale soup with the lot. It has magic veggie powers to heal aches and colds.
This must be the greatest invention since sliced bread. Peanut butter and banana chia pudding.
Raw salted peanut butter honey truffles! Gooey gorgeous deliciousness.
A green smoothie packed with all the good stuff: fruit, leafy greens, coconut water, popped quinoa. It’s bound to hold you over until lunch.
Winter chia pudding with sour cherries and (lots and lots of) blueberries. Made with walnut milk.
Grown up dark chocolate quinoa cookies. They’re bittersweet and loaded with cacao goodness.
Easy kimchi, made raw and vegan. Loving bacteria that keeps our gut healthy.
Awesome vegan laksa that ticks all the right boxes. And made from scratch too!
Banana coconut cream cake on a brownie base!! Raw, vegan, easy to make and devour.
Life changing quinoa avocado bread buns! Yum yum yum!! Flourless. Gluten free. Nutritious. Dense. Full on flavour. Vegan.
This is for the chili lovers. And for fermented foods lovers. Raw & vegan fermented hot chili sauce.
Coconut chia cake topped with an abundance of ripe, juicy seasonal fruit. It’s nut free, raw, vegan, sweetened with banana and dates.
Healthy makeover of a PBJ sandwich. Where P stands for pecan and jam is made in mere minutes.
Deluxe buckwheat porridge with berries and fresh mint. Effortless. Nutritious. Easy to digest. Downright delicious & perfect for breakfast.
Insanely smooth and utterly addictive. Coconut lime cream cake with blueberry crust. Light, silky and totally raw & nut free.