Short crust pastry with strawberries
Rhubarb upside down cake
Mazurek – polish Easter cake
Smoothie pineapple-banana-apple
Beignets with apples – french pancakes
Homemade pizza (in polish, with translate widget)
Savory croissant (recipe in polish, translate widget)
Muesli with dried fruits
Creamy Summer Squash Soup
Short crust pastry with foam pudding and raspberries
Banana muffins with peanut butter
Chocolate bread pudding with strawbierries and sweet cherries
Strawberry pie – simple and delicious
Crispy toast with asparagus
Rhubarb meringue tart
Polish apple pie
Rhubarb cake with pudding
Cheesecake brownie – breakfast cake
Green oatmeal
Magic chocolate cake
Babka – Polish Easter Cake With mayonnaise
Mazurek Polish easter cake. With nuts and dulce de leche
Spinach and mascarpone pasta
Dulce de leche lava cakes
Cheese doughnuts
Almond nut cookies
White truffle risotto with parmesan