Tiramisu bundt cake
Bavarian potato dumpling
Potato soup with tomatoes. Simple, fast, nutritious. Perfect for autumn and winter. (
Lasagna soup – delicious soup. Perfect for autumn or winter cold days. ( in Polish )
Cheesecake “white fluff” – This cheesecake is based on protein. Fluffy, delicate taste and quite sweet.
Orange yoghurt cake – very tasty.
Farmer’s apple cake – very tasty and easy cake with cinnamon .
Plum jam with amaretto
Apple milkshake with hint of cinnamon
Spicy lemon – Sensational and very aromatic addition to tea when outside the wind, rain or cold.
Queen cake- no bake and really delicious. You must try.
Pani Walewska cake ( no bake ) – One of the most delicious cakes in the cold we’ve ever done and I ate.
Graham rolls
No bake watermelon cheesecake.
Banana crepes – Tasty, fast, sweet, banana and contain ingredients that normally have at home.
Chocolate mint mousse with couscous – really tasty.
Express berry eclairs not baked with delicious creamy semolina.
Lemon cake with strawberries – Fluffy, soft, very tasty.
Old Milwaukee – tasty sourdough bread.
Rhubarb cake with almond streusel – incredibly delicious cake with a hint of lemon and crunchy almond crumble.
Black olive tapenade.
Buckwheat cutlets with feta and chives.
Coconut mazurek – Traditional Polish Easter cake. It is lemon shortbread and milky coconut filling. Really good.
Creamy deviledeEggs with yoghurt red onion, capers and chive.
Millet bundt cake (gluten-free) -. Perfectly sweet, delicate flavor of banana and coconut.
Millet burgers – healthy, perfectly seasoned, soft in the middle.
Almond bundt cake with poppy seed,dried apricots and amaretto- delicious and rich in flavor. Gluten free.
Eggs with tuna – delicious and simple to make.