Mango Chocolate Chia Pudding
This mango chocolate chia pudding is so rich, creamy, flavorful, delicious and full of good stuff!
Pate a Foncer or Flan Pastry
A shortcrust pastry ideal for sweet and savoury tarts and quiches
Dad’s Coconut Cream Pie
BEST Coconut Cream Pie EVER! Made with coconut milk for extra creamy, coconut flavor!
Octopus and olives
Octopus and olives
vegan torrijas (french toast)
Torrijas are a typical Spanish dessert of Lent and Holy Week and they are very similar to French toast. You’re gonna love it!
mixed fruit juice with carrots
This fruit juice totally detoxifies our body and gives vibrant health to our skin.
Soothing Homemade Ginger Tea
A rustic tea made with grated ginger, mint or cinnamon, peppercorns, and lemon juice is a good option for treating nausea or stomach pain.
Tadka Daal / Dal Fry
Restaurant style Tadka Daal/ Dal Fry. Healthy lentil curry, topped with aromatic spice mix.
Meatball Sour Soup
The best of Romanian cuisine, meatball sour soup (Ciorba cu Perisoare)
Pancetta and Gruyere Breakfast Pizz
Pancetta and Gruyere Breakfast Pizza – simplicity at its best. Simple ingredients create this wonderful and delicious breakfast pizza.
Stuffed bread rolls
Stuffed bread rolls
Mediterranean Stuffed Pork Loin
Juicy pork loin stuffed with spinach, feta, sundried tomato, and garlic. An elegant but simple dinner party dish.
Cake Beatrice - Manual Grandma Duck
Cake Beatrice – Manual Grandma Duck
“Graham Cracker” Nut Butter
This fancy nut butter tastes just like Graham Crackers with none of the unwanted ingredients. It will definitely have you come back for more!
Steak with Asian style spicy salad
Tender and juicy steak with asian style citrusy and spicy salad dressing.
Blueberry Ginger Scones
A combination of crystallized and ground ginger gives these scones fragrance and spicy flavor. Blueberries lend moisture, color and fruity flavor.
Lemon Meringue Cake
The combination of tart lemon curd and sweet, toasted meringue pairs beautifully with a simple butter cake enhanced with lemon zest.
Red Velvet Cake + Boiled Milk Icing
This is an old-fashioned red velvet cake, large and lovely.
Yogurt Stew with fenugreek greens
An easy and delish stew with yogurt, cumin and coconut combined with fenugreek greens to beat the heat
Creamy Tomato Soup
Make this classic from the scratch at home without any fancy pansy stuff. Plus a vegan option too
Blackberry Balsamic Vinaigrette
Blackberry Balsamic Vinaigrette. Blackberries and balsamic vinegar are perfect pairs in this beautiful dressing with a touch of honey.
Peanut Butter Honey Chocolate Eggs
Peanut Butter Honey Chocolate Eggs – Help out the Easter Bunny and make your own treats (with oats and flax!)
(Paleo) Nilla Wafers
(Paleo) Nilla Wafers – Move over store-bought, this homemade version is so much healthier and a million times tastier!
Sugar Pansy Cupcakes
Lemon zest pansy garden cupcakes!
Chicken and Chickpea Power Salad
Chicken and Chickpea Green Goddess Power Salad with 36 grams of protein and it is gluten-free
Beet and Goat Cheese Bruschetta
Beet and Balsamic Caramelized Onion Bruschetta with Crumbled Goat Cheese
Apple Almond Galette
Apple Almond Galette
Almond Milk / Badam Milk / Badam Kheer
Healthy and nutritious drink The wonderful flavor of saffron enhance the taste
Coconut Coriander Chutney
simple yet flavorful chutney goes well with any appetizer, Idly or dosa.
Ginger-Lemongrass Bourbon Iced Tea
Iced tea sweetened with a ginger and lemongrass simple syrup, and spiked with bourbon ;)
Easy Pickled Jalapeños
How to make Easy Pickled Jalapeños using Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Palm Sugar.
Pea & Mint \"Guacamole\"
A fresh pea, mint & avocado mash, in celebration of spring.
Baked Chicken w/ Tomatoes & Chiles
Chicken thighs are baked up with grape tomatoes, red chiles, and fresh herbs, giving you a hearty, healthy, easy, and delicious dinner!
Triple Berry Banana Boats
These banana boats are full of fresh fruit, with caramel and marshmallows for fun. So easy to make, even your kids can get in on the action!
eggs with tomatoes, peppers & bacon
Eggs with spiced tomatoes, red peppers & bacon. Another easy weekend brunch idea!
Mini Cadbury Egg Walnut Cookie
A great way to use up Easter candy: Soft, chewy cookies stuffed with Mini Chocolate Cadbury Eggs and walnuts.
Ring Around The Peeps
Ring Around The Peeps – Kid’s have a ball with this one!
Vegan Dark Chocolate Pots De Creme
Vegan Dark Chocolate Pots De Creme. I swear to you that you will not be able to tell these are vegan!
Creamy Cumin Lime Coleslaw
Coleslaw with Creamy Cumin Lime Vinaigrette