Asparagus with poached egg
Easy fast and delicious asparagus with poached egg, brown butter with sage and paremsan cheese. Great breakfast!
Old Bay Onion Rings with Lemon Dipp
Slices of sweet onions coated in a beer and Old Bay batter that’s super light and crispy. Serve with a lemony mayo sauce.
4 Ingredient Banana Pancakes
No flour, no sugar and only 4 ingredients make the best pancakes! Soft and sweet and perfect for kids and adults alike!
Lemon Cake Cookies
These tangy and sweet gluten-free lemon cake cookies are easy and delicious!
Open lasagna
Change things up by cooking up an open lasagna instead of a classic lasagna. Recipe for two, this open lasagna is ready in 40 minutes.
Magic Custard Cake
A cake that magically transforms into 3 layers. Just mix, pour and bake. Even muggles can do this!
Grilled halloumi and red beets
Delicious and easy grilled halloumi and red beets sandwich. Great flavor combination, makes an awesome vegetarian lunch. Ready in less than 10 minutes
Caramelized Plantain Ice Cream
Caramelized Plantain Ice Cream Sundae – Turn an ordinary banana split into a dessert you could only get at a gourmet restaurant.
Deliciously tasty, moist and tender, this Lemon Sesame Pistachio Crusted Chicken will make you feel like you’re on a trip halfway across the globe…
Oven Roasted Duck can sometimes be a little tough, but the Dutch oven makes it super tender and juicy while leaving the skin all beautiful and crispy
This Honey Sesame Glazed Salmon is totally foolproof and ready in mere minutes. Plus, it’s so tasty and moist and flaky, it’ll no doubt become a regul
Coconut protein bars with chocolate
These no-bake coconut protein bars are easy to make, healthy and they taste amazing.They will satisfy your sweet cravings and boost your energy.
Homemade burger buns
Homemade buns can turn ordinary burgers to a truly special meal. If you love burgers or high quality baked goods, this recipe is perfect for you.
Chocolate espresso muffins
These chocolate muffins are flavored with coffee and walnuts. Perfect as a healthy sweet treat. A bit of chocolate never hurts anyone, right?
Silky Chocolate Truffles
Silky Chocolate Truffles – They’re easy to make and literally MELT in your mouth and are the perfect Mother’s Day gift!
Cauli-Berry Oats
A vegan berry oat breakfast bowl with hidden cauliflower for extra texture and nutrition.
Green Quinoa
Green quinoa – a twist on Green Rice, using quinoa cooked in a fresh and tasty blend of coriander, spinach and chicken stock.
Korean Style Pork Chops
Delicious sweet and spicy Korean style pork chops
Butternut & Spinach Spelt Rigatini
A light and delicious pasta dish, made with rosemary roasted butternut squash, wilted spinach and hearty spelt rigatini, topped with crumbled feta.
A no-bake chocolate Kahlua cheesecake that’s as easy to make as it is to eat. You’ll want to make it time and time again. A recipe you won’t want to l
Porous Brown Bread
Beautiful Swiss porous brown bread made with a special flour.
Halibut with Salsa Verde & Lentils
Halibut with Green Olive Salsa Verde, Arugula, and Lentils has a lot going on—silky fish, nutty arugula, earthy lentils, and a vibrant salsa
Portuguese Potato Hash
Portuguese Potato Hash with Linguica, Peppers and Olives. A total flavor explosion!
Yukon Kale Potato Salad
Yukon Kale Potato Salad-Sweet golden potatoes and chopped kale tossed together in a creamy dressing, garnished with a sprinkling of coconut bacon.
Roasted Tomato Avocado Toast
Simple, easy and delicious – Roasted Tomato Avocado Toast. Creamy Avocado mash, sweet roasted tomatoes, drizzled with balsamic glaze.
Tostones Eggs Benedict
Tostones Eggs Benedict with Mango Salsa and Avocado Hollandaise!
Double Chocolate Crunch Cookies
Cake mix and crispy rice cereal give these cookies an amazing chocolatey taste and wonderful texture! Takes only 15 minutes to make
Sunday Skillet Breakfast
Egg, bread, french fries and peppers! All deliciousness in one plate! Skillet breakfast it is!