Simple Strawberry Sauce
Simple Strawberry Sauce – use on ice cream, in popsicles, on granola – you can even use it as cordial.
No Bake Carrot Cake Cookies
No Bake Carrot Cake Cookies – paleo, vegan, nut-free, 5 minutes prep!
Kuthiraivali Upma recipe
Kuthiraivali upma recipe is a healthy breakfast recipe.
Vegetarian Braised \"Meat\"/Rou Zhao
Rou Zhao is traditional Taiwanese braised meat sauce served over rice. Now, try this “meatless” version made with mushrooms and tofu.
Pork ramen noodle soup
Japanese-style noodle soup with strong flavored beef stock: pork ramen noodle soup. Ready in less than half an hour, recipe for 4 people.
Shrimp Gazpacho
This light, but so full of amazing flavors Shrimp Gazpacho is a mouthful of summer.
Panzanella is a traditional summer salad from Tuscany that typically includes soaked bread, tomato, onion, cucumber and basil.
Chickpea Vegetable Soup
Chickpea Vegetable Soup is a hearty, healthy lunch or dinner we know you’ll love.
Summer Salad
Yogurt, mustard, horseradish dressed chicken salad with tomato, mushrooms, wild strawberries. Serrano, grilled Romaine finish the plate.
Summer Veggie Wife Saver Casserole
This make-ahead vegetarian casserole is filled with fresh summer produce, havarti cheese, and farm fresh eggs. It’s perfect for a weekend brunch.
Roasted Peach Rosemary Lemonade
Roasted Peach Rosemary Lemonade. The perfect drink for a hot summer day.
Cucumber and Carrot \"Noodle\" Salad
Use your spiralizer to make this Caesar-inspired Cucumber and Carrot “Noodle” Salad
Horchata Water
A delicious and refreshing Mexican drink made with rice, milk and cinnamon.
Roasted Red Pepper Pesto Penne
Roasted Red Pepper and Pecan Pesto Penne – a delicious pesto sauce made with roasted red pepper and pecans over penne.
Grilled Orange Tarragon Chicken
This juicy, flavorful grilled orange tarragon chicken is the best!
Fiesta Chicken Salad
Lightened up chicken salad full of fresh and zesty flavors!
Americanized Tabbouleh
Inspired by tabbouleh, this vegetarian salad is packed with protein-filled red quinoa and lentils, fresh herbs and seasonal veggies.
Za\'atar Grilled Carrots
These za’atar grilled carrots are the perfect side dish to serve at your next outdoor gathering!
Saravana Bhavan Sambar
Copy cat recipe of a popular South Indian restaurant Sambar (Lentil stew).
Spicy Herb Bread
Spicy Indian flavored bread with onions and herbs — makes an excellent grilled cheese sandwich.
Snickers Cheesecake
Snickers Cheesecake
Funfetti Cake Batter Dip
Funfetti Cake Batter Dip! This is the cutest and best dessert for any party, especially birthday parties!
7 Layer Dessert Dip Cups
Individual 7 Layer Dessert Dip Cups! Loaded with chocolate, graham, cheesecake, raspberries, and more chocolate! 7 layers of the best stuff on Earth!
Make Ahead Southwest Breakfast Burr
Make Ahead Southwest Breakfast Burritos! I love any recipe that makes life easier and promotes sleeping in!
Brisket Grilled Cheese
The most delicious way to use leftover brisket- Brisket Grilled Cheese!
Bilbao Custard Rice Cakes
Bilbao Rice Cakes made easy and gluten free. Miniatures and a pie version with pineapple. Want one? Two?
Angel Hair Pasta with Garlic Herbs
Angel Hair Pasta with Garlic Herbs and Parmesan, When I was a college student living on my own years ago one of my go to quick dishes was spaghetti no
Garlic Panzanella Caprese
Panzanella Caprese salad. The dressing-soaked garlic croutons are what makes this salad so amazing!