An excellent alternative to store-bought dressings. Make your own dressing and be rewarded with better taste and better health.
Browned butter gives these a nutty undertone, in a deeply flavored banana bar that will satisfy blondie lovers.
Bengal Gram stewed in tomato sauce
Hot crispy fried chicken thighs, doused in cayenne and server Nashville Hot Chicken style on miniature slider rolls.
These fritters are packed with herbs that launch the zucchini flavor to another realm.
Beef and Black Bean Stir Fry – a Chinese takeout favorite that’s easily made at home.
Maple Butternut Squash Pizza – Vegan
Coconut butter is a whole food packed with natural oils and extremely nutritious. Very easy to make at home! Enjoy!
Don’t have much time? Make yourself a nice ham and cheese toastie! Great and easy to remember recipe for students or people with little time. Enjoy!
Home-made gnocchi with pesto (in french)
Savory sage and maple chicken drumsticks.
mr. Good(for you)bar – peanuts in healthier chocolate. No refined sugar, no artificial flavorings, and no emulsifiers or other food additives. A healthier alternative to store-bought chocolate.
Red and Green Pepper Jelly, make it now for holiday hostess gifts and entertaining.
Creamy, Cheesy Baked Ziti. Go beyond the usual baked ziti with this full-flavored recipe. Awesome weeknight family dinner.
Delicious chicken curry with cilantro-mint masala
Cheese and onion stuffed flatbreads – you’ll want to tear right into these!
Quick and easy tuna wrap with capers, dried tomatoes and rucola (rockets).
Truffle Deviled Eggs – The all-American appetiser with a gourmet twist!
Healthy, clean ingredients and made in just about 30 minutes!
Homemade Cinnamon Vanilla Roasted Walnut Butter, an easy nut butter recipe perfect for fall!
Vegan, glutenfree raw banana (plantain) chips or Kele ke chips, Vazhakkai Chips is very easy to prepare and great Navratri fasting/vrat
Phool Makhane Ki Kheer or Puffed Lotus Seeds (foxnut) Kheer for Navratri fasting, vrat or works great as easy and delicious dessert
Sama (swang) peanut rice or Kuthiravali peanut rice is gluten-free vegan and healthy recipe with millets.suitable for Navratri fasting, vrat
Pinto Beans with Fresh Tomato Relish
With a hint of freshness from the burrata, this pizza has a perfect balance of flavors.
Bulgur Salad with Chickpeas, Pomegranate Seeds and Almonds is the perfect wholesome side dish!
Whole Grain Granola with Cranberries. Delicious and packed with healthy ingredients.
Almond Butter Cookies your way. Gluten & dairy free and a grain-free option. One bowl easy.