Chicken drumsticks
Chicken drumsticks with new potatoes and sweet tomatoes – one pot lunch !!
Mozzarella and Fig Ciabatta
Mozzarella, Prosciutto and Fig Ciabatta – fresh from the oven !!!
Chana Aloo Masala
Chana Aloo Masala or Chickepeas Potato Curry
Maaladu | Roasted Gram Laddu
Maaldu or Roasted gram laddu is popular South Indian dessert/sweet made during festival.
Thai Inspired Red Curry Lentils
A vegetarian twist on Thai Red Curry made with lentils. Great on pita bread or quinoa
Dhaniya Panjiri
Dhaniya (Coriander Seeds) Panjiri is traditional Naivedyam made during Krishna Janmashtami.
Choc-Caramel Doughnuts
Choc-Caramel Doughnuts
Mango Strawberry Spinach Smoothie
Healthy smoothie with ripe mangoes, strawberries flax and a handful spinach.
Colored Pepper Salsa
Salsa with colored peppers, tomatoes, onions and more.
Savoury cheesecake
Easy savoury cheesecakes with ratatouille.
Caramel Apple Protein Shake
Caramel Apple Protein Shake
Black & Blue Burger Nachos
The classic blue cheese & bacon burger gets nachofied!
Naan (Oven Baked Indian Bread)
Buttery oven baked Indian bread, perfect for dipping into spicy curries. Easy recipe for cooking on a pizza stone. No overnight rising required!
Vanilla Yogurt With Pears, Apples &
Vanilla Yogurt With Pears, Apples & Chamomile Syrup
Chocolate Pasta con Chilies
Chocolate pasta con chilies and ricotta. Spicy and cool. Vegetarian friendly.
Shoots and Sprout Salad with Chorizo
Shoots and Sprout Salad with Chorizo
Honey and Pistachio Cake
Honey Cake with semolina and pistachio. Soft, unique and very delicious cake
Vanilla Cupcakes with Lemon Curd Frosting
Vanilla Cupcakes with Lemon Curd Frosting
Ethiopian Doro Wat
Doro Wat (Spicy Ethiopian Chicken Stew). One of the most famous of all African dishes, and for good reason – it’s fabulous!
Marinated Lamb Kebab Skewers
Tender and juicy kebabs perfect for your next barbeque. Marinated in a flavorful olive oil mixture.
Raita (Yogurt Mint Sauce)
Lightly spiced and refreshing. Serve it up with kebabs, over a bed of spicy Indian rice, or just on the side as a dip.
Karahi Chicken (Indian Tomato Stew)
A spicy and tangy Indian curry that’s super easy to make! Low cal and healthy as well.
Crazy Veggie Burgers
Crazy Veggie Burger Sliders– the perfect vegan appetizer
Soft tacos with sweet corn
Soft tacos with red pepper, sweet corn and roasted salsa verde
Blue Citrus Cocktails
Blue Citrus Cocktails will transport you to a sun-drenched tropical island in no time.
Roasted salsa verde
Roasted salsa verde
Kiwi Dream
A dreamy blend of coconut, kiwi, banana and white chocolate. Very smooth, a perfect Summer drink.
Gingerbread energy balls
Irresistible gingerbread energy balls coated in cocoa. The best healthy balls I have ever tried! (scroll down for recipe in English).