Ice cream sandwiches
For refreshment – ice cream sandwiches
Kollu podi
Spice powder made out of horsegram.
Jelly Roll Cake Recipe
A jelly roll is less likely to tear if filled and rolled up while it is still warm and flexible. Alternatively, roll up the cake with a sheet of parchment paper inside, then let cool before unrolling…
Lemon & Berry Polenta Cake
This gluten free cake is moist and delicious with the tartness of the lemon and berries matching the sweetness of the sugar syrup.
Cous Cous with Green Beans and...
Cous Cous with Green Beans and Cherries
Mango Lassi
Creamy and delicious drink with yogurt and mango pulp
Sugar and Spice Cake
Sugar and Spice Cake
fried squids and yoghurt sauce
Crispy fried squids with refreshing yoghurt sauce – The ultimate Summer sea food meze
Sex in a Glass
Sex in a glass, dulce de leche iced espresso. So lush and satisfying, you get the picture.
Scones with berries.
Scones with berries. Unearthly fluffy, delicate and delicious. Excellent for breakfast. You have to try!
Pancakes from Scratch
Soft and fluffy pancakes from scratch.
Coconut stuffed buns
Super delicious spongy buns stuffed with coconut and candied peel.
Chocolate Whoopie Pies
Chocolate whoopie pies with fresh mint buttercream filling
Apricot stuffed cookies
Soft cookies with an apricot surprise
Korean BBQ Ribs
Korean BBQ Ribs – a traditional and authentic marinade for the most delicious BBQ ribs you will ever have.
Cherry Dark Chocolate Chunk Brownies:
Decadent dark chocolate brownies with sweet candied cherries folded in.
Turkish Bean and Vegetable Soup
Simple and tasty bean and vegetable soup inspired by my trip to Istanbul. Gluten-free and vegan.
Kaju Pista Roll
Indian Sweet made With ground Cashew and Pistachios,gluten free!
Mixed Beans Mango Salad
15beans Mango Salad with orange lemon dressing!
risotto with vegetables
ordinary rice is unusual
Roasted Pepper & Refried Bean Soup
A playful take on refried beans in soup form with roasted red peppers. Thick, smoky, and very tasty!
Stuffed Figs
Stuffed Figs are a sign of summer, and deeee-licious!
Spicy Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups
Strawberry fruit roll-ups with Turkish red pepper thrown in for a bit of spice!
Chai Popsicles
A creamy and healthy popsicle recipe flavoured with chai. Delicious and cooling for hot summer days.
Fauxmade Ice Cream
Raspberry and strawberry ice cream that everyone will think is homemade.
Red, White & Blue Almond Pastries
Blueberry, Cherry, Almond Puff Pastries. An easy-to-make Danish.
Stuffed Mushrooms
Mushrooms stuffed with a crunchy, cheesy filling– the perfect vegetarian dinner!
Amaretti cookies
Amaretti cookies made with 3 ingredients