A tasty and healthy enchilada recipe for 3 occasions: to eat, to give, and to freeze.
Rice with white beans and turnip. A typical delight from Valencia
Sweet Braised Whole Scallions
Pear and fig turnovers with bourbon caramel sauce
Delicious French bites (text in Spanish)
Sponge Cake Without Using Butter or Oil
Fresh mint and sugar- the smell is amazing!(in German and English)
Meatloaf & Smashed Potatoes served with Steamed Broccoli
Leek Soup with Sausages
Devil’s Food Cake
Bourbon Brown Sugar Cupcakes
Two Foccace: With Rosemary and With Cherry Tomatoes & Oregano
Tiramisu cupcakes
Blueberry Oatmeal Maple Smoothie…A healthy start to any day!
Walnut bundt cake
These double chocolate brownies have just the right balance of gooey-ness and chocolatey-ness to make this recipe one of my fail-proof baking favourites.
Kiwi cheesecake: refreshing with kiwi and no crust
Recipe for Tomato Soup, gluten free and yummy.
Rich decant brownies become a fun sweet dessert with fondant characters
Coconut Caramel Banana Pudding, gluten free. It’s the banana pudding +, like Google, only you can eat it.
Spicy Tangerine Chicken with Black Rice
Duck confit, slow poached in oil for 14 hours, and then folded into tacos with a fresh spicy grapefruit plum salsa.
Blood orange and Valencia orange salad with olive vinaigrette
White Chocolate – Sunchoke Mousse Tartelettes with Blood Orange Panna Cotta and Blood Orange-Beetroot Jelly
Savoury Cheese and Onion Muffins that is perfect for breakfast especially if you’re trying to be healthy!
Cornbread made with fresh sweetcorn, cheddar cheese, honey and chilli
Delicious homemade Chimney cake (text in Serbian with translator in side bar)
This roasted tomato soup by Jamie Oliver is so good and so easy, you’ll never buy tomato soup again!