Clementine and Cinnamon Juice. A taste of winter.
An authentic Keralite version of Jackfruit dumplings steamed in fresh Bayleaves…Aromatic and Awesomeness in one!!
These cute little, luscious lemon cream cheese pies are so easy to make – even if you think your pie challenged.
It is easy to infuse sugar with vanilla very useful to have
Crunchy, sweet and completely addictive.
Tired of all the holiday-spiced desserts? Try sinking your spoon into this single serving trifle, and let yourself melt!
Delicious mini cakes in chocolate and vanilla.
How to make Pesto Rosso (red pesto)
Decadent Drinking Chocolate—take hot cocoa to a whole new level
Egg free/milk free muffins (in portuguese and in russian)
Chocolate & Cinnamon Madeleines
A light meal thats nutritious and delicious!
A tasty granola with cranberries, pecans, and pumpkin seeds.
Milk pudding with vermicelli and nuts
Sweet porridge with lentils
Scrumptious Egg Nog Cookies
Almond pumpkin cake with orange jam (in portuguese and in russian)
A healthy and tasty fish with a delicious sauce. Try and enjoy it.
Cocktail with rum, mint and Lime
cherry compote
A typical dish from Neapolitan cuisine. Potaoes Gattò: Cubed is a tasty and singular finger food.
Cake with cherries and mascarpone
Apple walnut cake (in portuguese and in russian)
Almond tart with grape jam (in portuguese and in russian)
Rice with vegetables ,hungarian recipe.
Banana trifle with vanilla cream and coffee (in portuguese and in russian)
Condensed milk cake (in portuguese and in russian)
Aromatic foccacie with olives and thyme .